Why I became a game cheater? (Part 1)

Cheating has been done as something that is not acceptable to the gaming community. I have started gaming since at a very young age of 6 years old. Chess was a game that was introduced to me. Playing both video games and the real version of chess made me think of a logical way of approaching games. Video games are already famous during the 90s. The game that really had my attention was Counter-Strike. It has various elements to it. The best tactical game that I have played. I never really liked MOBA games, even if it was already starting in the 2000s. Although it requires the mind to work, having the mechanical feeling of the guns is satisfying. The result is me having to line up just to play inside the computer shop. The Internet was not yet on its peak, and the only way to play with your friends is through the use of Local Area Network.

I have joined countless tournaments as a kid.  My friends will play against anyone. We do not mind losing, as this gives us a better understanding of our mistakes. The result is more tournament wins for us. As internet coverage has improved around the world, I get to play with better players. Our team thought we are already the best, but that was not the case. We kept on losing, and it is really annoying. This gave me more reasons to practice. Just like before, the more we lose, the more we practice very hard. The results finally came as we are winning most of the online tournaments again. Although we are gamers, we did not focus more on gaming. We allotted more time studying as we are not instantly rich at birth. Our team in our separate lives would need to work hard to earn in the future. Knowing that we cannot continue to play games, we parted ways. If back then was the golden age of eSports, we would have been sponsored by a large team and work our way up. In my country, getting a diploma was the only priority.

As I grow up, I still had the opportunity to play from time to time. I will still participate in multiple game tournaments. I have that feeling inside me that I always want to dominate every game. When I was playing Counter-Strike online, I met my first encounter with a cheater. At first, I did not know he was. I added him as a friend on my game account. He then informed me that he was not as good as I thought. He sent me a link to a website, now called https://187ci.net/, and I became curious. People believe that cheating is nasty, but it only becomes harmful when you remove the game's fun for other people. Suppose you are a person who does not have enough time to play. In that case, you will understand that putting countless hours in a game just to become profitable is useless. Morally, it would have been nice to be a better player without assistance. That is why I prefer to use the term "legit cheating."

Legit cheating is a form of cheating that does not totally remove the unfair advantage of people. The assistance is down to the minimum. We all agree that having a good computer with all the upgraded hardware and high-speed Internet is already advantageous to many. Having a 240hz monitor over a 60hz monitor already crushes the competition. It is always a battle between the rich and the poor.

Given that I do not already own an excellent computer to compete with people, I started cheating. Connections are the most significant thing you have to gain when moving up in the professional scene. To be safe, I ordered the private cheat version, which is the safest. It costs higher than the available versions, but it is definitely cheaper than buying a good computer setup. Back then, private cheats are not as expensive as today. Since most of the game companies invest vast amounts of money on anti-cheats, the prices shoot up. Nowadays, it is much better to invest in a gaming computer than to cheat. You might ask me why I am still writing about this if that was the case. Today, whether you are right, have an excellent computer, and everything that you ask for starting a gaming career, you will still fail to climb the ladder. The world will burn you on marketing ideas. People can scam you on your talent. Friends will be jealous of you and not support you at all. There are always all negative factors. To be honest, not everyone will be allowed to be a star. It might take you several years to finally have that break. That is why cheating for me is always accepted. You can ask me why.

Cheating removes the stress that you have to invest in the game and still focuses on so much more. It is not always; you will meet a manager for free. Everything has a cost. Like I mentioned, it is tough to be popular. That is why you will need that boost in your life. You can then just invest more of your time on training when you are already popular. This means you can budget more of your gaming time. Everything can be done after you have been acknowledged. Again, be careful of which cheats to use.

You can try out the public cheat version to see how good the cheat is. Most of the cheats sold publicly no longer have a free trial, as safety is their priority. It would get easily detected when people use it for free. Remember, the more users use the cheat, the more it will be more likely to be caught. Private cheats are the way to go if you really value your security.

After acquiring a good cheat, the next thing you have to do is evaluate the risks and losses. You have to ask yourself about what will happen if I get caught. What will happen to me? You have to be prepared for it. It is tough to hide your identity. Don't worry, it will only get easier once you get the hold of it. I will guide you in every way I can, so follow this blog and stay tuned for the next chapters.

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